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Bernardi's Coffee

Green Coffee Robusta

Green Coffee Robusta

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Experience the bold Elegance of Marechal Floriano Beans

Dive into the world of robust and rich flavors with our exceptional Robusta Coffee, a distinguished variety known as Conilon (Coffea canephora). Sourced from the heart of the Marechal Floriano micro region in Espirito, Santo Brazil, our beans are meticulously cultivated to deliver a truly distinctive coffee experience. 

Variety: Conilon (Coffea canephora)

Our Robusta beans, proudly of the Conilon variety, bring forth a bold and intense flavor profile. Renowned for its robust characteristics, Conilon promises a coffee experience that is robust, full-bodied, and memorable.

Processing: Screen 16, Type NY 2/3

To ensure superior quality, our Robusta beans are carefully sorted to meet the high standards of Screen 16 up, with a distinctive NY 2/3 classification. This meticulous process guarantees a uniform size and quality, resulting in a coffee that stands out in both appearance and taste. 

Flavor Profile: 

  • Acidity: Soft
  • Beverage Type: Neutral 
  • Roast: Uniform

Indulge in cup of Marechal Floriano Robusta and experience the soft acidity that complements its robust nature. The beverage, typical of the Conilon species, promises a neutral yet rich taste that captivates the senses. Our uniform roast enhances the bean's inherent qualities, ensuring a consistent and delightful cup every time.

Origin Marechal Floriano, Espirito Santo, Brazil.

Harvest: 22/23

Savor the the Boldness:

Elevate your coffee experience with Marechal Floriano Robusta. Whether you appreciate a strong and robust cup or seek a unique addition to your blend, our Conilon beans promise an unforgettable journey of flavor.  Perfect beans for blending. 


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